Companies With Heart

We have a lot of choices in the wonderful products we carry at Alluv Place.  We decided to be intentional about the companies we buy from.

Here is a list of our favorite companies: 

Mud Pie:

Not only do they create beautiful Home Decor and Gifts, they do good in their own city of Atlanta.  Recently they set a goal to donate 1200 N95 Masks to local hospitals every week. 


Le Papillon Handbags: 

Le Papillon supports buying handbags from small businesses in remote parts of India. By buying from small batches in small villages, small companies not previously able to compete on a global level suddenly are available to compete in a global market.  By buying a Le Papillon handbag, you are helping to raise the standard of living for many people previously caught in the cycle of poverty. 


MilkBarn Organic Baby Clothes and Accessories:

MilkBarn partners with Exile International . Exile International provides relief to women and children who have been ravaged by ware in their native country of The Congo.  Exile International helps to heal their mind, body and spirit.  



SIPS Every sale of a SIPS product raises money to build wells in Uganda.  Many people can never escape the cycle of poverty due to the lack of access to clean water.  


Abbey Kate:

Abbey Kate pillows are a small family company.  The sale of every pillow helps raise money to send service missionaries to the Dominican Republic


Cozie You 

Cozie You regularly donates to, an organization that provides support to families facing Pediatric Cancer among many other causes that help support terminally ill children and their families. 


Jumelle's Candles

Jumelle's Candles are locally made with love.  Jumelle's donates products to Auction for Aspen.  An online auction that raises money through donated goods to help build schools in Uganda.  Auction for Aspen was founded in memory of their Granddaughter who passed away as an infant. 

**Coming soon from Jumelle's, Private labeled candles for Alluv Place with signature scents.  



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