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Serving others has always been THE BEST antidote for depression in my life!

This page has been created to help people find ways to serve others in our community.  Please consider donating goods, services, money or your time to these worthy causes.  I PROMISE you, you will NEVER regret helping others.


Day of Service on April 30, 2022:  This day of service is for women and girls age 8 and up The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Brentwood, Ca at 2350 Jeffery Way, Brentwood, CA on April 30th from 9-12.  

Details in ink:


Shepherd's Gate: Helping Women and Children escape addiction, abuse and homelessness, the best way to find service opportunities wherever you are.  Simply enter your zip code and search parameters


California Volunteers: Get involved in helping fellow Californians


Loaves and Fishes: The mission of Loaves & Fishes is to provide hot nutritious meals that are prepared, delivered and served to hungry and homeless families, children, seniors, veterans, students, and disabled individuals.


Kaiser Permanente Volunteers: By volunteering, you can add to the quality of our members’ lives – and the quality of your life, too.


Volunteer Match:  Find a way to volunteer, enter your zip code and search parameters



The mission of Kaleidoscope Cancer Connection is to establish and maintain supportive relationships with those who are living with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses.






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